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A Selection of Experiences in Translation


    - Introduction to the art objects into Korean for

       Nagoya Boston Museum (13,000 words)




- The 1st Stage of BAE's "KDX-III" Proposal into Korean (total 9 weeks on site)
- The 1st and 2nd Stages of BAE's Eurofighter Proposals into Korean for 2 consecutive years (total 14 weeks on site)
- KAL accident report into English (50,000 characters)
- Pilot Training Manual into Korean for Airship Industries (50,000w)

- Restructure Proposal to KDIC into Korean for Maxwell Stamp (24,000w)
- Restructure Proposal to Korea Ministry of Justice into Korean for Arthur Andersen (20,000w)

- "Our Values and Standards" into Korean for MERCK (10,000w)
- "London In My Pocket" into Korean (10,000w)
- "Techno Fair" into Korean (12,000w)
- "Cities of the Future" Exhibition into Korean (14,000w)

- Prumerica's Funds Sales Guide into Korean (20,000w)
- Financial Report of Hanjin Tube into English (20,000c)

- Introductions, proposals & profiles of a patent firm into Korean (15,000 words)
- Legal documents on Korean merchant banking corporations into English for Rowe & Haw (40,000c)
- Brief of Kim & Jang Law Firm on Hyundai Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Into English (16,000c)
- Distribution Agreement into Korean for Global Multimedia Resources Corporation (19,000w)
- Agreement between Korea Telecom and DACOM Ltd. into English (45,000c)
- Witness statements for KAL accident in Guam into English (70,000c)
- A set of Korean legal documents into English for Simmons & Simmons (10,000c)
- Company Articles of a Korean bank into English (20,000c)
- A set of legal document into English for Baker & McKenzie (15,000c)
- Korean business letters and documents into English for Langley & Co (12,000c)

- Interviews for "Children of the Secret State", Dispatches Investigation of Channel 4, into English (26 tapes)
- Interviews with the former Korean comfort women into English for the "First Sex" of Channel 4 (25 tapes)

- Introduction to Royal Caribbean Cruise (10,000 words)

- 9 audio tapes of interviews with B-Boys

- Clinical Trial Protocols for treatment of Schizophrenia (80,000 words)
- Information on a drug for treatment of Myelodysplastic Syndrome into English (9,000 characters)

- Dredging Project for Taehwa River into English (45,000c)
- "Field Manual for Pressure & Temperature Transmitters" into Korean (30,000w)
- "Uninterrupted Power Supply User's Guide" into Korean (11,000w)
- "Chainsaw" User Manual into Korean (12,000w)
- "Material Safety Data Sheet" into Korean (16,000w)
- Report on "Pipeline System" into Korean (14,000w)
- Motor Vehicle Regulations into English (150,000c)

- "Heath & Safety Manual in Workplace" into Korean (20,000 words)
- CKL Internet Directory into Korean for DTI (15,000w)
- Speeches of Anglo-Korean Business Meeting into English (at the visit of Korean President Kim Young Sam, 10,000c)
- "True Stories of the Korean Comfort Women" into English for Cassell (200 pages)


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